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Jimmy Pearls on Who Got Next? Podcast

Episode 61, Quarantine Edition

"This week I had the privilege of talking to Chef Oscar Johnson & Chef Darryl Cooper (aka Coop), owners of Jimmy Pearls, a pop-up restaurant located at 7th Street Market in uptown CLT. Originally from Hampton, VA, these two didn't formally meet until attending Johnson & Wales, where their culinary journey started for them. With Jimmy Pearls they have a unique style to seafood, but with a flare of soulfood mixed in. On this episode we discuss the story they want to be told through their cooking, what made them decide to go into business together, the landscape of black restaurants in CLT, being mentored by Soulfood Sessions and, and definitely what is next for JP? Listen to Chef Coop tell you what HE WILL NOT BE COOKING at Jimmy Pearls!! LOL"


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